Sunday, August 23, 2009

The story begins...

So~~ I finally got around to making an English blog for my year in Japan :D
(there's a link to my Japanese blog up at the top too!)

I'll try and update this thing as often as I can! Look forward to lots of pics,
videos, events, and looooong stories about all my adventures, of course

For now I guess there's not a whole lot to write about XD
Ummm I started packing! I actually made a pretty comprehensive list in excel,
but who knows how useful it'll actually be in ~20 days when I've really gotta
crack down! lol.

Sooooo there's only 23 more days left before I'm off the Tokyo O______O
I still don't think I've completely accepted it.... still doesn't feel real XD
All I know is I wanna do a little brushing up on my Japanese before I take off...
I think our placement test is like 2 days after we arrive, so I need to study a
bit now-- don't wanna end up in a lower class or something D:

........ happy reading I guess? haha

P.S. I looooooove comments ;P


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